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Consequences of the Fukushima Even

Utilize your knowledge of nuclear engineering technology and associated competencies acquired in physics, chemistry, electrical theory, health physics and radiation protection, thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid flows, reactor core fundamentals, plant systems overview, and materials (CO 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10) to develop a draft analysis of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident event. Analyze the event with regard to the integrity of the nuclear fuel and associated fission product barriers, including analysis of actual or potential radiological release/dosage. Your analysis must include mathematical concepts/equations specified in Program Outcomes 2 and 3 to support your conclusions. Ultimately, you will utilize your analysis to provide a design concept recommendation.

Analysis of your applicable topic will include the following:

Fukushima Event
Analysis of the event and resulting consequences for each of the Fukushima units reactor/spent fuel inventory
Analysis of the accident dynamics for each of the Fukushima units (loss of coolant, fuel damage, hydrogen release, impact on spent fuel inventory, loss of power, etc.)
Analysis of both onsite and offsite radiological exposure/dosage
Mathematical concepts/equations specified in Program Outcomes 2 and 3 to support your conclusions
All aspects of your analysis should compare your findings with actual research data from the event

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