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Dissertation Report

Part A. Dissertation Report
What follows is a suggestion for your dissertation – most of it is not compulsory, see below for full details. Your supervisor might want something different, if so please be guided by them.
The underlined words denote the separate chapters, each of which must begin on a new page.
Acknowledgements This page is where you acknowledge those people who may have helped you. For example it might include people you interviewed or family member(s) who helped you by providing moral support. You do not have to name everyone, indeed some may need to be anonymous, but you must make reference to everyone who helped you. Discretion and judgement are important here. For each person or group you should state how helped you, for example providing you with documents, being interviewed, making cups of tea – whatever it was that they did to help you. You should mention your supervisor by name.
Abstract Approximately 200 words on a single page. It should write in the present tense. The abstract should be single line spaced. The abstract should contain one paragraph for each of the following: –
• What was investigated and why
• How the topic was investigated
• What was found
• What conclusions were drawn from the evidence
Following the abstract and on the same page should be three to six key words, set out as in this example: –
Key words: dissertation; research; undergraduate.
The abstract cannot be written until the work is complete, so probably will be one of the last things you write.
Table of contents You must number the pages of your work to be able to complete this page. The contents page is one of the last pages to complete, even though it is located at the front of the work. This should be followed by lists, with respective page numbers, of tables and figures.
The copyright declaration of the author This page is compulsory and the declaration may be found here . Do not change the wording. You must sign and date the declaration in each of your two paper submissions. It is suggested that you consider including an electronic signature, SID/name and date in advance to avoid forgetting this.
Chapter 1 – Introduction What the study is about, how you choose it, and in particular the question that you intend to address. This is where you engage the attention of the reader. The title of your topic should be made very explicit here so the reader knows from the beginning what you are writing about. This section is not an overview of the work. It should contain your aims and objectives. Staff will be looking for these when they mark the work so it is important that you make them clear. You might define your key terms in this section, which may be a paragraph not simply one word. You should also give a rationale for your study and set out its limitations – in other words, what the study will not be considering. You should also tell the reader how the work is structured.
Chapter 2 – Literature Review This section is where you set the scene for the reader by providing background information. Think about the issues relevant to your work to help you decide what to write about in this chapter.
As the title suggests it is text and journal based, possibly with internet information as well. Having read this section the reader should have a clear understanding of the key issues involved and what is relevant in your work. Everything you write should be in your own words and you must cite other peoples work using references. You should assume that your audience knows nothing about your topic but is intelligent – you need to write accordingly. It is very important that you draw from text and journal material here to underpin your work. You should, unless you are producing an historic piece of work, use contemporary material not out of date, old or irrelevant literature.
Sometimes a good starting point is to define what you mean by the key term or terms in your work. This will not be a short definition as you might find in dictionary but a rather longer definition of what you mean by the term(s) in your work. You should also think carefully about how you structure this chapter, as structure is important to the overall quality of you work.
You might have more than one literature chapter, but discuss this with your supervisor.
Chapter 3 – Research Method This chapter is very important. This chapter is necessary to demonstrate to the reader how and why you decided to gather your data in the way you did and exactly what that involves. There may be quotes from texts in this chapter. You will need to have a rigorous explanation of why your method of gathering data is appropriate. It explains why you are investigating your topic in this particular way. Justifying what you do is important in this. Some supervisors prefer this chapter earlier in your work. You will need to explain clearly the what, how, why, where, when, who and why them questions.
Chapter 4 – Ethics Statement, CV and Exit Plan This chapter is compulsory. You are required to demonstrate that you have acted in an ethical way in the production of your dissertation. You may feel there are no ethical issues; if so, then you must demonstrate the point in this chapter. You must also include a risk assessment section. Remember to include your own safety as well as that of others.
Not having ethics approval is a discipline offence. You are required to have approval of this by passing your proposal before you gather any data.
This chapter is an important part of your work. You may need to consider such things as: –
• The various categories of people with whom you will be involved in the production of your dissertation and how you will ensure that your conduct is ethical including consents and explanations. For example if you intend conducting interviews how will you allow people to decline to be interviewed without feeling guilty or pressured to participate?
• How you will use, handle or identify information that you gather?
• How you will deal with matters of confidentiality or anonymity?
• How you will manage parts of your research that may give rise to physical, mental, legal, financial or other kinds of risk or stress to people involved?
• How you will handle matters of commercial risk or reputation?
• What the outcome of your research is likely to be and how the ethical use of it may be assured.
• If you are conducting, for example, interviews how will you go about allowing people to not participate without making them feel under pressure to agree to do so?
Please remember that all dissertations must have an ethics statement, it is not an optional extra but a university requirement. Being in breach of this is a discipline offence. You may feel that your work raises no ethical issues – this is unlikely but even if it is the case you must have an ethics chapter which demonstrates the point and also follow the ethics application below. Not doing so is a very serious omission in such a piece of work as this.
Chapter 5 – Methodology This chapter explains to the reader how and why the data was gathered as it was and what that involves. There may be quotes from texts in this section. A rigorous explanation of why the method of gathering data chosen is the most appropriate. This section is important. It explains why the topic is being investigated in this particular way. It is necessary to justify how the research was carried out and also to link the method used with the objectives set out in the introduction. 10. Chapter 5: Results and Analysis (mandatory) In Chapter 5 the results of the research are presented, interpreted and analysed. Thought should be given to the best and most comprehensible way to present the data. Often this will be graphically as it is difficult to detect trends from tables of data. If it is felt that the raw data should be in the dissertation then it can be included in the appendices. The results will be discussed and analysed in this chapter so it is important that the reader can easily understand them. Again the original objectives should be linked to the analysis carried out in the chapter as should aspects discussed in the literature review. 11.
Chapter 6 – Conclusions and Recommendations This section draws together the results from the research and the literature review and sets out the key findings and discussion. It presents a concise but comprehensive understanding of what has been investigated. Conclusions should follow logically from your findings and not contain any new material. This section should demonstrate whether the aim and objectives have been achieved and the research question answered. The conclusions do not introduce any new facts or data into the work. Recommendations should identify how conclusions should be deployed and should also indicate and justify further research.
Part B. Poster Presentation
As part of your dissertation you will require to prepare an A3 poster of your work to be presented at the confirmed time and location. Your Poster should contain the following elements:
Introduction/aims/outline where you explain what was the purpose of your work? Why did you do it? What problem did you want to solve?
Method where you elaborate on how did you go about your research/project? What did you do?
Results to explain what did you find? You could insert graphs, diagrams or text here.
Conclusion to conclude on meaning of your results and their impact.
You can find a sample template here .

Major Project Marking Scheme
Major Project Marking Scheme
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeINTRODUCTION
Abstract clear and informative. Clear statement of research focus and/or aim(s) and objectives. 10.0 Pts
Full marks 0.0 Pts
No marks
10.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeKNOWLEDGE IN RELEVANT DISCIPLINE
Includes literature search. 20.0 Pts
Full marks 0.0 Pts
No marks
20.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeRESEARCH METHODS
Appropriate research methods and ethics statement 20.0 Pts
Full marks 0.0 Pts
No marks
20.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeANALYSIS AND EVALUATION OF RESULTS
Results and achievement of research focus. 25.0 Pts
Full marks 0.0 Pts
No marks
25.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeCONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS
Conclusions and recommendations. 10.0 Pts
Full marks 0.0 Pts
No marks
10.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeSTRUCTURE AND PRESENTATION
Contents list, general layout and typography. References/bibliography, literary style and approach, grammar and lucidity. 10.0 Pts
Full marks 0.0 Pts
No marks
10.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeSTUDENT PARTICIPATION
at a minimum of FOUR tutorials across two semesters, evidenced by inclusion of tutorial sheet in an appendix. 5.0 Pts
Full marks 0.0 Pts
No marks
5.0 pts
Total points: 100.0

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