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Health sciences

Short Answer: Answer the following short answer questions with thoughtful, well-reasoned responses. Well-edited prose and appropriate grammar is a must. Cite all sources using either APA style. (Rough 500-750 words each)

1. What is Alvin Goldman’s definition of sexual desire? Why does Goldman define sexual desire this way? What does he think that his definition of sexual desire shows us about viewing sex as a means to an end? Why does he think this (discuss by reflecting on Goldman’s arguments against either Nagel or Solomon)?

2. Why does Stanley Kurtz think that gay marriage will lead to polyamory? Discuss be presenting three different arguments that Kurtz uses to substantiate this claim.

3. Cheshire Calhoun presents three different arguments that are commonly used to argue against criticism of gay marriage. What are these three types of arguments? Explain them with examples. Which of these three strategies does Calhoun think is the best way to argue that gay marriage is ultimately justified/acceptable?

4. William Wilkerson discusses the metaphysics of sexual orientation. What kinds of claims does Wilkerson make about orientation? Is orientation primarily tethered to sex, gender, or something else? How can one tell this? Moreover, Wilkerson discusses social construction and sexual orientation. What are the three types of social construction that Wilkerson identifies? Explain how these notions work by discussing what each of them illustrate about the ways that sexual orientation is socially constructed.

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